Birthday Celebration(s)!!!

Where have we been you ask? Celebrating that's where! Carter turned 6, Cooper turned 3, and Finley got up and went (crawling and trying to walk!!!)

An awesome trip!

As we are spending our last night here, I have to say, that this was a great trip! The weather totally cooperated, and we had fun doing a whole lot of nothing! The kids spent as much time as possible outside, at the park, the pool, and the beach. We didn't really go anywhere or really do anything other than hang out, and spend time together. It was perfect. Finley is now crawling, and we are enjoying her more and more. She seems to have fun just being with her siblings. All in all, a wonderful time!

The pickiest kid in America...eats broccoli!!

This one is for you Mom!!! :)

Carter is a pretty healthy eater, but not very adventurous at all. So, getting him to even TRY something new is quite difficult at times. He does a lot of fruits, but his list of veggies is pretty short. So, thanks to Emme, he now likes broccoli dipped in his favorite, ranch!

Thank goodness the girls are WAY more willing to try anything and everything. Especially Cooper, who I think, would eat sushi if I gave it to her!!!

We are still having tons of fun at Fripp, and while the weather was rainy one day, it's been getting warmer and warmer each day! We are having a blast and the kids love being here, and so do we!!! :)

Little Finley Foo Foo

We just love our sweet!!

Grand Cayman....Oh so GRAND!!

We quite possibly had the BEST vacation ever!! Jason, myself, and 3 of our friends flew down to Grand Cayman for 5 fun-filled days. The kids were WELL taken care of here at home, by our wonderful sitter. I actually got the feeling that they really didn't miss us all that much, they were having so much fun!!

It gave 2 people that rarely sit down during any given day, a chance to really relax, adult style! We literally didn't have to do anything, we read, laid on the beach, and ate our way through Grand Cayman. It was so nice to not be in charge of feeding anyone, changing anyone, or even being in charge of what we were going to do next!!! The island is so beautiful, and very safe and visitor friendly. And while it's not the cheapest place to eat and drink, at least all the food was out of this world. Jason celebrated his 40th at a fantastic restaurant called the "Lobster Pot." We had at least 6 great meals and did some snorkeling as well. The weather was 80 to 90 everyday and sunny, all in all a GREAT trip!!!